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Adams County

With over 35,000 residents and growing, Adams County continues to thrive. Although it’s divided into 12 civil townships, four different communities make up the heart of Adams County. From bigger cities to small towns, traveling around the county is a trip worth taking.

Downtown Decatur 16


The city of Decatur is the largest community in Adams County. In addition to a variety of parks and industries, Decatur is home to the Peace Monument, the nation’s first monument devoted specifically to peace.

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The town of Monroe is found right in the heart of Adams County. It was named after the fifth president of the United States. Established in 1847, this community is full of agricultural beauty and small town charm.

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The city of Berne is well known for its Swiss heritage. This cultural pride is on display each year at Swiss Days, a festival featuring over 100 craft and food vendors. Berne is also home to the popular Muensterberg Plaza and Clock Tower.

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The town of Geneva is located in southern Adams County. Once a thriving oil town, a fire destroyed much of the community. However, many of the buildings were rebuilt with brick and stone, which gives downtown Geneva its historic look.